Call for Papers

ICICTA 2019 aims to provide a high-level international forum for scientists, engineers, and educators to present the state of the art of intelligent computation and automation research and applications in diverse fields. The conference will feature plenary speeches given by renowned scholars and regular sessions with broad coverage.Relevant topics include, but are not limited to:

A. Intelligent Computation and Applications

  • Neural Networks
  • Evolutionary Computing and Genetic Algorithms
  • Fuzzy Systems and Soft Computing
  • Particle Swarm Optimization
  • Rough and fuzzy rough set
  • Supervised & Semi-supervised Learning
  • Hybrid System 

B. Theory and Application

  • System Theory and Control Theory
  • Nonlinear System and Control 
  • Motion Control
  • Fuzzy System and Fuzzy Control
  • Distributed Control Systems
  • Adaptive Control and Learning Control
  • Robust and H-infinity Control
  • Variable Structure Control

C. Big data, Cloud computation Technology &Knowledge Engineering

  • Foundational Models for Big Data
  • Algorithms and Programming Techniques for Big Data Processing
  • Big Data Analytics and Metrics
  • Representation Formats for Multimedia Big Data
  • Big Data Architectures
  • Cloud Computing Techniques for Big Data
  • Big Data as a Service
  • Big Data Open Platforms
  • Knowledge Representation and Modeling
  • Knowledge Maintenance, Knowledge Elicitation,Knowledge-Based Systems
  • Expert Systems or Decision Support Systems
  • Content Management and Knowledge Management Systems
  • Workflow Management Systems; Ontology Engineering
  • Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
  • Natural Language Processing; Text Mining, Classification and Summarization
  • Textual Entailment; Question Answering Systems,Document Preparation and Text Processing
  • Language Translation and Linguistics; Information and Knowledge Integration
  • Management Information Systems, E-service  
  • Management of Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Relationship Management Web Data Mining
  • Cloud management and monitoring
  • Storage in the cloud, Data security in the cloud   
  • Cloud computing pricing and economics, Agent-based Cloud computing  

D. Computer Science and Applications

  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Video Analysis and Understanding 
  • Learning for Image and Video Recognition
  • Image Analysis, Detection and Recognition
  • Software Engineering
  • System Engineering
  • Signal Processing
  • Process Automation
  • Programming Languages

E. Digital Manufacturing System and Automation

  • Manufacturing Process Simulation
  • CIMS and Manufacturing System
  • Vibration Measuring and Reliability Analysis
  • Automation System
  • Elements, Structures, Mechanisms, and Applications of Micro and Nano Systems
  • Complex mechanical-electro-liquid System
  • Process Control and Automation

F. Mechatronics and Intelligent Robot Technology

  • Mechatronics Modeling, Optimization, Simulation Techniques and Methodologies
  • Intelligent Mechatronics, Biomimetics, Automation and Control Systems
  • Opto-electronic Elements and Materials, Laser Technology and Laser Processing
  • Micro Machines
  • Robotics for Intelligent Manufacturing
  • Human and Robot Interaction
  • Robot vision, Recognition, Reconstruction
  • Robot software architecture and Development tools